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Chapter Books for Early Readers

It can be challenging to find age-appropriate chapter books for early readers. You don’t want something too easy, but it should still be entertaining! This is why we have curated a list of chapter books for early readers in kindergarten through second grade.

The Magic Treehouse Series

This series of books features two siblings, Jack and Annie. They find a magic treehouse that is filled with books. When they pick up a book, the treehouse transports them to wherever the book takes place. Jack and Annie visit the pre-historic age, Pompeii, the Amazon, and lots more! 

Geronimo Stilton

These books focus on a mouse journalist, Geronimo. He often finds himself getting involved in super awesome adventures. These books are perfect for early readers who love action or adventure!

Judy Moody

Judy lives with her parents and her little brother Stink. Judy is a little moody but is a relatable kid. She tries to get famous, be a detective, and have the most not-bummer summer ever! 

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Flat Stanley

Stanley Lambchop is a little bit different. After being squashed by his bulletin board, he’s completely flat! Stanley goes on a lot of adventures. He visits various places, and sometimes he gets there by mail. Being flat has some advantages, but of course, there are also disadvantages. 

Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Katie Carew wished she was someone else after the school bully nicknamed her Katie Kazoo. Turns out she wished on a shooting star, and now each time the special wind blows, she becomes someone else! In each book, Katie turns into a person or animal, sometimes at the worst possible time.

Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children series is about four orphaned siblings, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny. They make a home out of an old boxcar in the forest. Eventually, their grandfather finds them and invites them to live with him. The siblings find themselves involved in mysteries and adventures. 


These books are all about Ramona Quimby and her family! Ramona is very creative and imaginative. She likes to have fun, but sometimes she gets in a bit of trouble. Ramona navigate different situations and tries to make the best of it throughout the process.

There are a lot of great chapter books out there for early readers. I included older books because it was fun to think about what books I enjoyed as a kid. These were just a few series my siblings and I liked reading. 

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Natalie Pritula is an upcoming junior at Oakland University studying political science and public relations. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, go on bike rides, and bake sweet treats!

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