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Library Collaborations

Cardinal Rule Press loves to collaborate with local libraries. Our team will create a personalized Walk and Read for your library using one of our books. Below are some FAQ's you may be wondering. Please submit our Book Walk Partnership Form and we will get back to you to discuss details!

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Book Walk FAQs

What is the time commitment involved in setting up and maintaining a book walk?

10 minutes to set up the boards. 10 minutes to take them down. 20 minutes to advertise it on your social media and/or website.

How long are the boards usually displayed?

Is this a one-day or several-month program? That is entirely up to the library/organization. Most display them for 4-6 weeks!

How many boards would there be?

There would be 13-15 boards.

Our outdoor areas are maintained by the city and we cannot alter them in any way. How can we present a book walk?

The cities we have worked with have recommended locations for a situation similar. Otherwise, you could post the boards in windows of local stores and make it more of a scavenger hunt.

What will be the total cost to us?

Total cost would be $250.

Do you consider this a co-sponsored event between you and us?

We added our logo to the first board since we own the copyright but it doesn't need to be co-sponsored. We are happy to do either.

I've heard that the author would like to participate in some way. Do we coordinate her participation through you, or can we go through them?

You can reach out to the author about attending the event -  we will have them record a video that readers can view via a QR code during the walk!

Some of our city administrators are concerned with copyrights. Will we get any type of paperwork that says we have the right to present this book?

Yes, we will provide a form that we are giving rights to display the book in this form.

Are we able to give you a QR code to direct people to our city's/organization's webpage?

Yes. We can go over the boards and discuss what you would like to link to.

When we get all the paperwork and payment taken care of, what's the time frame to receive the story boards?

It takes about 3 weeks from project initiation to the delivery of your boards.

Is there a time frame for when we need to display them by?

No, there is no specific time frame.

Are we able to display these boards more than once?

Yes, absolutely!

Do we or can we get extra boards if one gets damaged?

Replacement boards cost around $16 each, plus shipping.


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