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Appreciating a Winter Wonderland

To be a fan of winter is to be a fan of the cold. There I said it. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter is from December until February. But sometimes, winter weather lingers until March or April. I may not be a winter fan, but some fun things come from these frosty months!

When it snows, there are so many things to do! There’s the obvious option of building a snowman or a whole snow family and decorating them. You can also make snow angels or build a snow fort. If you make a fort, it’s the perfect spot to hide snowballs. Then, when someone least expects it, BAM, get them real good with a snowball. A snowball fight may ensue, but that’s the fun part! Another cool thing to try is boiling water and then throwing it in the freezing air. It turns into snow right before your eyes. Seriously! It’s really fun and can turn into a little science lesson, just be sure you are being careful.

Even if shoveling the driveway is a big chore, maybe you can use it as an opportunity to spread kindness! Shovel a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk, and you will definitely make their day. 

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If the roads are safe to drive on, it can be fun to go sledding, skiing, or snowboarding. I’ve never done the latter, but I’ve heard it’s a blast. I’m more of a sledding fan. There is just something about speeding down a hill on a plastic sled that exudes joy. Sure, the negative of sledding is that you have to climb all the way back to the top in your heavy snow gear…but once you get to the top, you feel so accomplished!

Another bonus of the winter season is that you have the excuse, at any time, to have a hot chocolate or other warm sugary drinks. Oh, I just went on a walk, hot chocolate. I played outside for a little bit, hot chocolate. I grabbed the mail from our mailbox, hot chocolate. And the best part is that nobody will question you because now they want some too. 

When it comes time to eat, you probably want something warm. You can make delicious soups, fresh warm bread, and much more. After eating, you can play games as a family, watch a movie, or the best option…read a book. There is nothing like cozying up and reading a book on a cold evening. It just feels so perfect! If you’re looking for new children’s books, you can find a bunch of great options on our website!

Stay safe and warm this winter!

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Natalie Pritula is an upcoming junior at Oakland University studying political science and public relations. In her free time, she likes to listen to music, go on bike rides, and bake sweet treats!

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