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Picture Books Celebrating Grandparents

I am honored today to share a few of my favorite picture books that showcase positive, loving relationships between children and grandparents. With the growing population of kids who live in multigenerational households, the diverse families reflected in these books will help caregivers and teachers shine a light on those cherished connections. 


Written by Gwendolyn Wallace, illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin

In her grandmother's garden, a young Black girl learns about mindfulness and herbal medicine in this soothing intergenerational story about our connection to nature.

Readers will meet Joy for a special visit to her grandmother’s house in South Carolina. This summer visit means her first time getting to help out in Grammy’s garden. Readers will delight in seeing her helping out among the rows of okra, spinach, strawberries and more. Important lessons include Grammy teaching Joy how each plant has many uses — including being turned into medicine — and that we are all connected to nature.


Written by Marcy Campbell, Illustrated by Francesca Sanna

A modern-day response to The Giving Tree, this lyrical picture book shows how a family passes down love from generation to generation, leaving a legacy of growing both trees and community. 

This loving story celebrating grandparents starts in a wide-open field where a boy who loved his grandmother, and she loved him back. The boy’s grandmother gives him many gifts, like hugs, Sunday morning pancakes, acorns with wild and wooly caps, and most of all, her wisdom about how things grow. We watch the love legacy grow as the boy becomes a father. In turn, he gives his daughter bedtime stories his grandmother told him, as well as bonding over acorns and piggyback rides. He shares the wisdom he learned from his grandmother about how things grow. His daughter continues the chain of growth by passing down gifts of her own. This book is ideal for teaching the importance of community and ancestral knowledge.


by Lisa J. Amstutz, Illustrated by Talitha Shipman

From tree to table, this story shows how one family comes together to make applesauce.

Applesauce Day is here! Maria’s family along with her grandparents visit an apple orchard. After picking piles of apples, it’s time for the best part— turning the apples into applesauce. Every year they use a special pot that has been in the family for generations. Kids will love watching the family connection through food traditions.


Written by Jasmine Paul, Illustrated by Jose Nieto.

Granny's Vintage Camera shares a story between a granddaughter and grandmother about financial literacy with a twist. 

Just like the readers, Kass eagerly saves up her money to buy a special item on her wishlist— a JazzCam Instant camera. In the meantime, she uses her Granny’s Vintage Camera. Kass knows it’s old, but she has trouble remembering to keep it safe and misplaces it often. Will Kass learn that old doesn’t mean useless? Or will she misplace the very thing her Granny values? Along with being entertained, kids can use this book as a starting point to learning how to budget.  


Written by Padma Lakshmi and Illustrated by Juana Martinez Neal

This tasty picture book celebrates grandparents who live far from their grandchildren and the traditions passed down through families. 

There is no better meal than the one prepared at Grandma’s house. Through this heartfelt story about a girl learning to cook Paati’s (her grandmother) recipes, bestselling author and TV personality Padma Lakshmi gives readers the chance to reflect on the foods, flavors, and customs in their own families. 


Written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and Illustrated by David Hohn

This incredible picture book celebrates the countless ways grownups help children learn to believe in themselves--and assures children that a grandparent's love stays with them always.

It's always a marvelous time when Nana comes for a visit! Nana doesn't mind making a mess while building forts. Nana plays checkers to win. Nana encourages climbing high, savoring dessert, and playing hopscotch. In short, everyday that is spent with Nana and her spunky outlook on life is just more fun. 

Author Bio 

Bethany Edwards is an elementary educator as well as a reading and literacy specialist. On Biracial Bookworms, she focuses on multiracial and multicultural resources for teaching literacy skills using reading, travel, and learning multiple languages. Additionally, she offers online and self-paced courses for parents and caregivers on Biracial Bookworms Academy.

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