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Helping Kids Dream Big

As I reflect back over the last two years, I realize how essential certain jobs were to the survival of our country during the pandemic. #DreamBig #TradeJobs CharacterSeries #LifeDreams

My mom likes to tell the story that as a child, I wanted to grow up and make tacos as my job. If you consider the fact that our family eats tacos every Tuesday night, I think my dream has come true!

In our family, there are a lot of individuals who do not have college degrees but are successful in the work they do. As I reflect back over the last two years, I realize how essential certain jobs were to the survival of our country during the pandemic. I think as a society, we need to put greater emphasis on trade jobs and as parents, realize that college may not be the path for all of our kiddos.

Looking at the book Dazzling Travis, published by Cardinal Rule Press, Travis wanted to dance and was courageous enough to do so as a boy. This is a story of confidence and dreaming big!

In the Potato Chip Champ, Walter didn’t have a lot of the latest and greatest games and toys that his classmates had, but he had what was even MORE important than stuff, he had friends.

Lastly, in the soon to be released book by Cindy Williams Scrauben, This Could Be You, encourages children to Dream Big and models a growth mindset. The book features professions that require advanced degrees, trade jobs and others that simply require kindness and drive!

As a part of this month’s March is Reading Month series, we are giving you the code DREAM to get 40% off of Dazzling Travis by Hannah Carmona and The Potato Chip Champ by myself, Maria Dismondy.
This Could Be You will come out on April 1st. We are offering you the chance to meet the author in person here in Michigan at the Impression 5 Science Center for kids on April 2nd from 11-2. OR hear the author read her book for the first time, virtually on April 1st.

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