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Family Reading Challenge!

If you are like more than half the country, you are currently home with your children. On top of that, you are most likely home schooling and managing your children’s virtual schooling too. Oh wait, you might even be working from home too (I am doing all of the above too!)

We are under a pandemic and you and your family are a living part of history as. we. speak. Stop the guilt. Increase the grace. I have something to ease the pain.

A Family Reading Challenge! Your children can access these books on YouTube, Storyline Online, library apps like Hoopla and Libby. These 101 Must Read Books for Families are all about empowering your children to be kind and caring humans. So while the world is experiencing an uncertainty that is indescribable right now, you can be intentional about the positivity you are bringing into your home through morning, afternoon and/or in bedtime stories.

These posters come as part of the Deluxe version of my newest book, Sunny Side Upbringing: A Month by Month Tool Kit to Raising Kind and Caring Children.

We have a select number of posters to sell separately for only $6!

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