Cardinal Rule Press and Flipgrid
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Cardinal Rule Press and Flipgrid

Cardinal Rule Press and Flipgrid. Cardinal Rule Press is proud to be a Flipgrid Partner with almost 100 topics in the Discovery Library. #FlipGrid #CardinalRulepress #EducationalContent

Cardinal Rule Press has a mission to provide realistic fiction children’s picture books. Books that will empower children (and those that read to their children!) to make a difference in their world. As a team, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can broaden our reach. In 2020 we expanded to the platform, Flipgrid, and grew our resources within that platform in 2021. We’re strongly committed to providing valuable content as we move forward!

I would be surprised if, as a parent or educator, you made it through the pandemic without hearing about Flipgrid. They started out as a private, social platform that educators could use in their virtual classrooms. This was HUGE during the pandemic as they could assign “topics” to their remote classroom and students could record their responses within the classroom’s safe digital space. Flipgrid has evolved, quickly, to become more of a social platform and now, as long as you have a Microsoft or Google account, you are able to create your very own Flipgrid account.

As a user, you can browse topics that are created by educators, publishers, state parks, museums (think virtual field trips!) and so many more organizations. Once you have a topic selected and saved as your own (or you’ve created your own topic), you can invite your friends and family to record their own response to the topic. Their responses are private to you and you are able to determine whether you have to view and approve their response before the other members of your group see it. (Flipgrid will continue to ensure that privacy and safety is maintained within this social platform.) Flipgrid has fun filters, backgrounds and an app available. They are constantly evolving to make sure that their platform is not only up-to-date, but one of the safest out there and it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

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So, why are we talking about Flipgrid? No, we’re not getting paid to promote them. We just really love all that Flipgrid stands for. Their commitment to privacy (safety for all that use their platform), the FREE resources that they are providing to the educator community and their monthly LIVE events are just a few reasons we love them. Cardinal Rule Press is proud to be a Flipgrid Partner with almost 100 topics in the Discovery Library. We are excited to provide our books and resources within the Flipgrid platform to all educators, families and individuals. We’ve listed a few of those below;

Cardinal Rule Press loves our community and we’re committed to continuously providing valuable content where you need it. If you want to see something different within Flipgrid (or on another platform), we want to hear from you! Please reach out to us and let us know – we value your input.

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Mandy Bush is the marketing manager for Cardinal Rule Press. She’s a mother to 2 children and loves all things kid lit.

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