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TOP 5 Most Downloaded Author Interviews Of 2021

Are you new to the All the Write Marketing podcast? If you joined in 2022, then you might want to check out our top five podcast episodes from 2021! Get caught up on all the information and listen to all of our special guests! 

Top 5 Podcast Downloads from 2021: 

1). Catapult Your Business Through The Power of Your Story  guest starring Lynn Sanders. In this episode of All the Write Marketing, Maria Dismondy talks with our guest speaker about how to use your personal story to catapult your business. Have you ever felt like the universe was trying to get your attention and push you in a different direction? Well, Lynn Sanders through a series of events, experienced what she likes to describe as her “wake up call”. Through this wake up call, Lynn has found the importance of living life fully and to doing things that are aligned with who you are and what is meaningful to you. When you are living out your purpose and you are sharing your personal story, that is when you are most powerful and can make a difference in others lives. What story do you have to share with the world? This podcast was created back in August of 2021, but we had over 250 downloads of this episode!

You can find out more information about Lynn Sanders on her website, Difference Makers Media

2). Children‘s Bookstagram 101 with Olivia Gorecke. In this episode we discuss how librarians decide what books to purchase and what resources they use, how to create a balance between classic and modern selections, and how to use creative marketing strategies to get partons into your library reading! This episode was created in September of 2021, with over 240 downloads! 


For more information about Olivia, check out her website Website: Olivia the Librarian, or visit her Instagram page: @oliviathelibrarian

3). How to Creatively Market a Picture Book, with special guest Amy Dean. Created back in July, 2021, this episode has Maria Dismondy talking with our guest, who is the Editorial and Marketing Director for Blue Manatee Press, on all the new trends in picture books and how to creatively market them. Amy's love of books started when she was a young child. Reading inspired her so much that she pursued a career in publishing. She sees the world in stories and has the privilege to help bring others' lives and experience to younger generations. When marketing the books she wants to bring into the world Amy Dean gets creative by using the theme of the book to challenge her audience to play and use their imagination in their own lives to help bring the book to life. This episode has over 200 downloads. Make sure you listen!   

Catch up with Amy Dean by visiting these links to see all her creative hard work!:

Baby Unplugged Series:

Baby Unplugged: Make:

Rainy Day Resources:

4). Marketing Tips with CRP Publicist Sarah Cavanaugh: If you Build It, They Will Your Bookstore.  Back in November of 2021, Sarah Cavannaugh, Publicist at Cardinal Rule Press, shared some inside tips in this episode on how to better market your books whether you are a bookstore owner, librarian or author. These tips can translate into many book related fields and over 200 people have downloaded it. Make sure you listen and download it today! 

5). How to Build Community and Rapport in the Special Education Classroom with Jenn Adams. Maria Dismondy talks with a special education teacher, Jenn Adams, about how to build community and rapport in the classroom. What if you could use books to help build relationships in your classroom? As teachers, building relationships is so important and with the shift in online learning it is more important than ever! Jenn talks about how books are a great way to help build connection and engagement in the classroom by getting the students involved by asking questions and having them share their own life experiences as they connect with the story and the characters. She believes that when teachers model social and emotional skills and how to build meaningful relationships in the classroom, students can take what they learn and apply it in their daily lives. 

Created back in August of 2021, this episode had just over 200 downloads. Listen and join in on the fun! 

Make sure you keep up to date with our podcast! New episodes come out frequently and you won't want to miss them! 

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