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Reason for the Seasons

Reason for the Seasons. Can you think of a time in the last two years where you have had to speak your boundaries? #Boundaries #CharacterTraits #PromoCode

There is a reason for the seasons. I am not a scientist and I won’t get all technical on you but it has to do with the Earth and its tilted axis.

As I live and learn, I am finding there are seasons in my own life that have nothing to do with the Earth and its tilted axis. These seasons have to do with my own personal growth, our children’s growth and a whole lot more.

I think in our season of the pandemic (which is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel) some of us were forced to speak of our boundaries, which can be a very hard thing to do! Why are you getting vaccinated? Why aren’t you getting vaccinated? Why aren’t you going to so and so’s party? Why aren’t you having visitors? And so on and so on…

As a part of my work as an early childhood educator, we teach children to have boundaries in their friendships. clinical psychologists say “Good boundaries are clear, consistent, and respect the feelings and needs of both people in a friendship. Open, clear communication with friends is essential for boundary setting, especially during times when there are issues or conflicts.”

Can you think of a time in the last two years where you have had to speak your boundaries? I can remember several and I am grateful for this opportunity to have had the chance to speak clearly about what our family needs to do in covid situations and respecting the choices our friends have made.

As for our kiddos, it’s the same conversation phrased differently over and over again. Actions speak louder than words. The way your friends are treating you speaks volumes. If it’s not how you want to be treated, say something or don’t give them ask much of the piece of pie on your pie of life! This was advice from a therapist of mine years ago. He told me life is filled with slices. You decide how much you are dedicating to the different slices (people) in your life. It’s your choice. Choose wisely!

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