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Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #21: Mindset Matters

Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #21: Mindset Matters -

This week I am taking a slight detour from the information filled emails I write about proven book marketing strategies.

For the last five weeks, I have been speaking to schools about the themes of my picture books: bullying, positive character, determination and mindset. In just one month alone, I reached 20,000 children with these positive messages. It’s truly a fulfilling role for me as an author.

When we look at mindset, it doesn’t just pertain to the next generation, our children. We need to take a hard look at our own mindset as well.

A growth mindset is the belief that anything is possible with handwork and effort. We believe our intelligence can be altered with great effort.

A fixed mindset is when we make up stories that we believe to be true and in turn, they stop us from moving forward. We don’t believe we are able to change, grow or improve in certain areas because of our history or intelligence.

Next week we have another group coaching session starting. I love these six week groups where I get to work with authors and publishers on strengthening their platforms and building marketing campaigns that work. The group setting allows us to hear each different situations and point out areas we may be holding ourselves back from moving forward because of a story we believe to be true. We have one spot open if you are interested, please reply.

Let me give you an example of mindset work before we close out for today.

Story: I will not be able to get a lot of book signings because I am a new author and don’t have a ton of credibility.

Belief: I am not good enough because I am a new author and don’t have several titles behind me.

Truth: You can call large booksellers and indie bookstores to set up signings. Ask your publisher to take on some of the calls as well. Be confident in what you are bringing to the table and you will schedule the visits. Remember that by having an author read their book, sell and sign copies, this is bringing in business for the store. It’s a total WIN-WIN. Do not hesitate to book these visits in your local area.

Catch yourself when you start thinking with a negative, fixed mindset. Mindset truly matters.

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A short video (kind of like Cliff Notes)

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Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #8: Podcast Interviews - mariadismondy.comMy name is Maria Dismondy. I am a children’s book author who also founded the publishing company, Cardinal Rule Press.

Finding ways to market my messages is a passion of mine. I want to help you gain greater recognition of your brand, to generate new readers and improve your sales. Why? Because I love to GIVE and CONNECT and I truly believe we are all in this together!

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