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Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #12: LinkedIn

Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #12: LinkedIn -

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of figuring out WHO your target market is. Once you’ve figured that out, spend time providing valuable content on the platform where your ideal client spends their time.

After reading about LinkedIn, I believe all professionals should have a complete profile set up on this particular platform. Authors and publishers will find value in connecting with others in their industry via LinkedIn. Do I spend a ton of time there? No. However, I have been contacted by school administrators via LinkedIn to book school visits. I’ve also had a Scholastic representative connect with me first on LinkedIn then followed up requesting a review copy of my book via email.

Start to Finish: The Basics of LinkedIn

  • Start your profile and spend time setting up all areas of the profile from educational history, past and current employment as well as featured skills and endorsement.
  • Upload a professional headshot.
  • Make connections and keep connecting. There is so much power in networking. Use this tool as it was designed-to help you reach out to others in your industry online. Join a few groups and connect there.
  • Customize your URL. This makes sharing your profile address much easier. The steps are simple, just google it 🙂
  • Use recommendations for people you have worked with for a long amount of time.
  • Endorsements are used to give a sort of virtual pat on the back to people you have worked with directly or indirectly.
  • Business Facebook – I’ve heard LinkedIn compared to Facebook but in a business sense versus personal. Follow influencers and certain channels to receive updates in your newsfeed that are worthwhile reading through.
  • Post an image, article, video or blog post that will be shared to your connections or publicly. I try and post relevant information at least once a week to gain visibility. I may post updates on book releases and events. Sometimes I also share blog posts about programs I am running like group coaching or free workshops.

You can choose your level of activity. I have a reminder to log in once a week and check messages, notifications, etc. You won’t be able to see the benefits to Linked In without trying and take it from me, it’s user friendly and does a great job connecting people in similar professions.

Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #8: Podcast Interviews - mariadismondy.comMy name is Maria Dismondy. I am a children’s book author who also founded the publishing company, Cardinal Rule Press.

Finding ways to market my messages is a passion of mine. I want to help you gain greater recognition of your brand, to generate new readers and improve your sales. Why? Because I love to GIVE and CONNECT and I truly believe we are all in this together!

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