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Get the book Bucket Filling From A to Z on your Family Bookshelf

Have you heard the exciting news? Cardinal Rule Press is expanding! We recently acquired the bestselling and beloved Bucket Fillers series of books, and we’ve been thrilled to share these new titles with our community.

The Bucket Fillers books, including the original title Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, are a well-established collection of realistic stories that focus on a central theme: we all carry invisible buckets with us, and we can either fill those buckets with kind words and actions, or empty the bucket by choosing unkind words and actions. 

But did you know there are many Bucket Filler books beyond Have You Filled a Bucket Today? There’s an entire list of thoughtful books aimed to support children in developing a framework for character building.

One new book in our Cardinal Rule Press catalog is Bucket Filling from A to Z by Carol McCloud and Caryn Butzke. This book takes readers through concepts of bucket filling, bucket dipping, and positive character traits while also engaging each letter of the alphabet. Based on the bestselling Bucket Fillers series, Bucket Filling from A to Z expands social emotional learning while strengthening literacy learning.

This book uses social-emotional concepts paired with specific tips kids can use to practice bucket filling in their lives. This award-winning book is a conversation starter, a teaching tool, and an essential part of a bucket filling library

Here at Bucket Filler Books (published by Cardinal Rule Press), we are happy to help you with resources for your bookstore or library. Get your FREE Filling Buckets at Home Printable.

Batch of Books says “This is the ABCs of kindness.  Each letter is dedicated to a different way you can fill a bucket and be happy.  G is for give, R is for respect, and so on.  I really liked the things the authors came up with to fill the alphabet.  It works well with the theme and teaches kids good qualities and positive traits.  It’s a wonderful companion book to the other bucket books.”

And Darin Godby of Readers' Favorite says “Authors Carol McCloud and Caryn Butzke do a beautiful job of weaving a story of how an individual can be happy using the letters A to Z as bucket fillers. They carefully explain at the beginning of the book that people fill others’ buckets every day in various ways. Soon they take the reader along this alphabetical journey, exploring how each letter can display a word that will enable the reader to learn about how that particular letter/word can help the reader to become a better bucket filler. Taking a young reader through the alphabet, letter by letter, and examining what that letter could represent is fun and creative. This is a joyful way to expose a child to new words and positive ways of making one choose happiness over being sad and rejected.”

You can find more ways to extend the fun with free resources, available on the Cardinal Rule Press website. There are printables, a poster set, and a coloring book that will help children practice their letters while also learning simple ways to be bucket fillers every day. 

Also, check out these resources for lesson plans and activities that revolve around the Bucket Filling mindset, here via The Interactive Teacher and here at Hanging Out in Primary.  

We hope you’ll check out Bucket Filling from A to Z. When you do, tell us what you think! You can reach out to Cardinal Rule Press on social media and via our website.


Christie Megill is an editorial and marketing intern at Cardinal Rule Press and she spends most of her spare time reading children’s books. She has experience as a writer, elementary school teacher, curriculum developer, and literacy specialist.

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