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Books on Teaching About Disabilities

Hide and Shh!: A Not-So-Sneaky Sister Story About Inclusion by Christina Dendy

Dinah, a young girl with Down Syndrome, loves to play games with her older sister, Chloe, but her idea of fun differs from the older kids' ideas. Dinah and her not-so-sneaky efforts to join in the game backfire. In the process, the sisters and their friends learn that there’s more than one way to play and have a good time! This amazing book helps teach kids that there can be more than one way to play. Great for teaching about neurodiversity, disabilities, inclusion, and more. Nathalia Takeyama’s illustrations show American Sign Language so kids and adults can learn as they read. 

Just like this book, there are many other books that share similar themes, each telling their own unique story. All of these books are educational and enjoyable. The books listed, below, share how disabilities can create some kind of obstacle, but that there is always a way to overcome them. 

Keep reading to learn more about these books and add them to your bookshelves! 

We Move Together by Kelly Fritsch and Anne McGuire and illustrated by Eduardo Trejos

This bright and vibrant book follows a group of mixed-ability as they go through everyday barriers and find ways to overcome them. As they do, they find joy and connection with the community. This picture book is great for schools, families, and libraries to educate kids on disabilities, accessibility, and community building. 

My Friend Has ADHD (Friends with Disabilities) by Amanda Doering Tourville 

This amazing book focuses on a kid with ADHD. Complemented with “Did You Know”s throughout the book, Amanda takes readers into the life of someone with ADHD as they go about their day at school. Purposefully told from a friend’s point of view, Amanda also makes sure readers know how they can help someone with ADHD and support them, all while being a good friend. Illustrated by Kristin Sorra, this picture book shows how kids with ADHD can be creative, fun, and amazing friends. This book is also available in Spanish! 

Juan Has the Jitters by Aneta Cruz and illustrated by Miki Yamamoto

This is about a young boy who is nervous about going to school during the Mathletic Games that are being held the next day. To help with his jitters, Juan sorts, counts and claps to help release the jittery feelings.This book helps teach kids about neurodiversity and inclusion, as well as finding one’s strength in the things that make them unique. Perfect teaching book for kids as young as 4! 

My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay by Cari Best, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton 

Zulay, a blind girl, and her three best friends are all in the same first grade class and study the same things. Zulay is learning how to use her walking stick so that she can find her way around outside of the classroom. Zulay decides she wants to run a race on Field Day, and with the support of her best friends, and the help of a special aide, Zulay works hard to be able to. This amazing picture book is perfect for teaching and showing kids how those with disabilities are able to do everything anyone else can. Those who are blind can still read, write, and run races!

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Laura Horan is an intern at Cardinal Rule Press and studying at Michigan State University. She loves to read and write, as well as spending time with her dog, Miles. She hopes to write her own children’s book one day, and is enthusiastic about learning new writing techniques.

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