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Bilingual Titles for Your Bookshelf

Bilingual Titles for Your Bookshelf. Reading is a huge part of any language and so that everyone can enjoy reading, Cardinal Rule Press has translated four of our popular titles in Spanish for everyone to read and enjoy!


Reading is a huge part of any language and so that everyone can enjoy reading, Cardinal Rule Press has translated four of our popular titles in Spanish for everyone to read and enjoy!  

¡Leche Chocolatada, Por Favor! - Chocolate Milk, Por Favor! En Español 

There’s no language barrier when it comes to kindness! In this book see how chocolate milk breaks down barriers, makes kids feel welcome and being different is awesome. Kindness and empathy are universal and have no language.  

A reader’s guide and coloring pages can be downloaded from the Cardinal Rule Press website. In addition to that, a read aloud in English can be found there too! 

Midwest Book says, “Chocolate milk (Gabe’s favorite drink) is a recurring symbol in this heartwarming story. It’s about the importance of making friendships and helping others, and the power of kindness when working to overcome the language barrier. Highly recommended!”

El Dia de Campo de Evie - Evie’s Field Day En Español 

Evie loves to win, her room has a special place for all her trophies and ribbons. Field day is coming up and she can’t wait to beat all her classmates! However, things don’t go her way and she finds herself faced with a tough choice. Learn about good sportsmanship, empathy, and that winning is not everything with Evie!  

With this book there is a reader’s guide and coloring pages included with a read aloud in English on the website! 

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Rita Christensen of School Library Journal says, “Echoic words scattered throughout the text put some zing into the story and highlight the Field Day activities. Teba's adorable pencil sketches and gray watercolor washes are accentuated with bursts of color that highlight the multiethnic characters and action of the story. Sportsmanship strategies are included, encouraging participative learning. Realistic portrayals of competition and teamwork make this a strong addition to any library.” 

El Campeón las Papas Fritas - The Potato Chip Champ En Español 

A love of baseball and potato chips brings Walter and Champ together. Champ doesn’t understand why Walter is so popular as he has so little. Walter is always happy and has a great attitude, he knows who he is on the inside is what matters. Join Champ as he learns about jealousy and how it can be conquered by simple acts of sharing and kindness, such as sharing potato chips.  

A free reader’s guide comes with this book to help explore and spread kindness. A read aloud in English by Maria Dismondy is also available! 

E. Petrous says, “The Potato Chip Champ is a home run! Maria Dismondy does not disappoint with her latest book. This is a story of a friendship that engages every age with its storyline, characters and pictures.My 4-year-old loves to look at this book over and over, and tell it back to me in her own words. I love the message that she is learning about kindness and acceptance. We are happy that this book has joined our Maria Dismondy collection!”

    La Minibiblioteca de Lila Lou - Lila Lou’s Little Library En Español 

    Lila Lou loves to read, she is always reading no matter what time it is. Her house is filled with all her books but her mom decides that Lila Lou has too many books. What will Lila Lou do when faced with having to get rid of her beloved books? Join Lila Lou in using creativity and activism to solve her problem of too many books, and in turn, inspire a community.  

    Lila Lou’s Little Library has a reader’s guide and coloring pages to go along with the wonderful story! In addition to those resources, a read aloud in English is also available online. 

    Kristine Zimmerman details what she loves about Lila Lou’s Little Library: “Lila Lou’s Little Library is a love story about books and reading. Nikki Bergstresser has some wonderful suggestions for parents at the beginning of the story about how to engage with their child while reading. She also includes some great suggestions at the end of the story about creating your own library space at home. Sejung Kim has drawn Lila Lou full of enthusiasm, with her big round glasses and bouncy ponytail. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that some of the book titles and items around her house are in Spanish. There is a Spanish glossary at the end of the book. Lila Lou is a spunky, creative little girl who kids will relate to. Lila Lou’s Little Library is a wonderful tribute to the value of books. It also shows kids the value of sharing their abundance with others. Lila Lou’s Little Library will encourage kids to seek out the little libraries in their neighborhoods.” 

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    Sovann Hyde is an intern at Cardinal Rule Press and studying at Michigan State University. She enjoys writing and reading in her free time as well as gaming with friends. Jetta, Gryffin, and Bella, her family’s dogs and cat, keep her energetic and curious.

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