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Audio Descriptions: What are they, and what do they provide to readers?

Have you ever come across Audio Description books and wondered what they were? Or, how they differ from audio books?? Well, look no further, as we are here to clear the air and spread understanding. Audio books are more common, and involve a narrator reciting the book word by word, allowing readers to listen to the story. Audio descriptions, on the other hand, are more detailed, as the narrator recites the book, as well as describes any visuals that are included, such as images, scenes, gestures, and other contextual evidence that is important to the story.

What do these extra descriptions do for readers? Audio descriptions are beneficial for those who are visually impaired, so that they can fully understand the story and its message. These types of audio files are particularly helpful with children’s picture books Compared to other aides, audio description allows for a full interpretation of texts, giving descriptions beyond the original text, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the story and all of its details, in a unique way that lets them visualize the story in a similar way to those who are able sighted. 

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How does Cardinal Rule Press turn their stories into Audio Descriptions? Most of our available titles are narrated by Fred Brack, as well as some of our works being voiced by their own authors, such as Hannah Carmona. Through programs such as the DCMP, the Described Caption and Media Program, we are able to learn the standards for how to effectively produce an audio description, meeting the standards necessary to appropriately create content for our visually impaired readers. 

As this world is growing and adapting to make adjustments for those living with disabilities, it is important to spread the information of what opportunities are available to those who would benefit from them the most. Everyone has the right to enjoy all of the wonders that reading has to offer, in all different forms. Cardinal Rule Press wants to spread the love of reading to both children and adults who would value the power of accessibility. Here are several of our titles that have been made into Audio Descriptions!

If you are interested in Audio Descriptions and how they help the visually impaired, we recommend taking a look at and what resources they have to offer. This program has a lot to offer for people of all different backgrounds and abilities to learn about audio descriptions and other forms of captioned media.

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Emma is a student at Michigan State University, studying Literature and History, while being the Vice President of the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Her goal is to go into the publishing industry, and in her spare time works at a coffee shop and bookstore, and loves books, music, and movies.

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