Review Requests

Please see our guidelines, below, when requesting to review titles published by Cardinal Rule Press. We highly appreciate you adhering to these when requesting our titles for review. Thank you!

Who is eligible to receive a review copy of Cardinal Rule Press titles?

We review the Review Request Form and consider the following:

  • Activity on social platforms
  • Minimum of 10k followers and/or demonstrated high engagement/growth rate
  • Based in the United States

What are your expectations for influencers when they are sent a title to review?

We hope that you will enjoy the complimentary title and post honest feedback on your social media platform and platforms such as Amazon, Goodreads, Edelweiss, and NetGalley in exchange for the title. 

How can I request a copy of your published/upcoming titles?

We are excited to hear of your interest in working with us to review titles from our brilliant authors. If you’re interested in reviewing titles published by Cardinal Rule Press, here’s how you can request a copy:


Complete our Review Request form here
(requests are reviewed monthly).

Are you highly active on social media as an educational influencer and would like to collaborate with us during our next children’s book release?

Email us at with the following:

  • Account Handle
  • Relevant Statistics (follower count, etc.)
  • A little about yourself including your reading preferences.

We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with the educational community and look forward to hearing from you!

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