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Looking for Authors: Realistic Fiction Picture Books-Become familiar with our titles and follow the list of guidelines below before submitting your work. #LookingForAuthors #PublishABook #RealisticFiction #PictureBooks #ChildrensBook

Looking for Authors: Realistic Fiction Picture Books

By Maria Dismondy | October 7, 2020

Cardinal Rule Press produces high-quality children’s literature that empowers children through timeless messages of hope, courage and the Golden Rule. We are a traditional publishing company located in southeast Michigan that produces a select number o …

Learn from the Experts: Literary Agent Interview Series - This is a great way to hear from the experts who work on getting manuscripts into the right hands of publishers. #LearnFromTheExperts #LiteraryAgents #Publishers

Learn from the Experts: Literary Agent Interview Series

By Maria Dismondy | September 11, 2020

As a way to support our community of writers and to collaborate with others in the industry, we are hosting a virtual interview series this fall. Join us on zoom or Facebook live each Wednesday at 1pm EST for interviews with literary agents. This is a …

Summer Library Tour: Springville Public Library-We heard from Lauren Tolman and got to take an inside look into these creative spaces that house our favorite things---books and books and readers! #LibraryTour #SummerTour #SpringvillePublicLibrary

Summer Library Tour: Springville Public Library

By Maria Dismondy | September 12, 2020

During the summer of 2020, our publishing company hosted an interview series with popular bookstores and libraries across the country. Our founder, Maria Dismondy, hosted the interviews. We got to take an inside look into these creative spaces that hou …

June Writers Series Creating a Writers Community June2020

June Writer’s Series: Creating a Writer’s Community

By Sarah Cavanaugh | June 22, 2020

“It feels good to be in a community. Community, above all, is bigger than individuals–we are something much more than individuals when we are part of a community. And this is how things ought to be.” ~ Tony Blackshaw A Writer’s Community …

May Writer’s Series Writing a Children’s Book May2020

May Writer’s Series: Writing a Children’s Book

By Sarah Cavanaugh | May 25, 2020

“Books for children are as complex as their adult counterparts, and they should therefore be accorded the same respect.” ~ Mark Haddon It’s month TWO of our Cardinal Rule Press Three-Month Writer’s Series and in this month’s Blog, we are sharing I …

April Writers Series Submissions 101

April Writer’s Series: Submissions 101

By Sarah Cavanaugh | April 27, 2020

“I believe myself that a good writer doesn’t really need to be told anything except to keep at it.” – Chinua Achebe Cardinal Rule Press is excited to kick off our Special Three-Month Writer’s Series! Over the next three months, expect great insider tip …

PR Insider Tips Securing Those TV Interviews Mar2020

PR Insider Tips: Securing Those TV Interviews!

By Sarah Cavanaugh | March 23, 2020

Over the past couple of weeks, Cardinal Rule Press’ own Maria Dismondy has been on a media tour, sharing her newest book release, Sunny Side Upbringing, at multiple news outlets and morning shows throughout Michigan.  Sounds like every author’s dream, …

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