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New and Inventive Picture Books To Be Released in

5 New and Inventive Picture Books To Be Released in 2022

By Lauren Hackett | January 17, 2022

Another year has faded into the rearview mirror, which means that it’s time for authors, publishers and book lovers alike to set our sights on the road to come.  2020 and 2021 were good years in terms of online and digital book sales. As local boo …

Inuit Children's Books, We are excited to learn more about Inuit traditions with these five outstanding picture books by, about, and for Inuit communities. #ChildrensBooks #PictureBooks InuitChildrensBooks

Inuit Children’s Books

By Martina Rethman | January 14, 2022

Inuit Childrens Books Inuit, literally meaning the people, are native to the Arctic circle of North America. With a distinct history and culture, they are sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘Eskimos.’ Here at Cardinal Rule Press, we are excited to lea …

Books About Believing In Yourself. One way to get your children to believe in themselves is through literature. Here's a list of five children’s books with positive messages that are destined to help your young ones adopt a newfound confidence in themselves and their abilities. @PictureBooks @ChilsdrensBooks #BelieveInYourself

5 Picture Books About Believing in Yourself

By Lauren Hackett | January 7, 2022

When I was a kid, I viewed the world as my own, personal oyster. In my mind, the possibilities were endless. I could grow up to work in whatever field I wanted, excel at whatever sports I wanted, make whatever friends I wanted, and live anywhere I plea …

Poetry Picture Books to Inspire Kind Mindful Kids. Here are some recent poetry picture books that are wonderful tools for inspiring kind, mindful, change-making attitudes and behaviors. #PictureBooks #ChildrensBooks #PoetryPictureBooks #BooksToRead #MindfulKids

Poetry Picture Books to Inspire Kind, Mindful Kids

By Michelle Schaub | December 27, 2021

As a teacher and children’s writer, I herald the power of poetry to boost literacy. I think of poetry as “literacy’s superfood.” It’s packed with rich vocabulary and literary devices in a concise format.  Poetry is perfect for educators and parents who …

Childrens Books About Native Hawaiian Culture. Take a look at some of Cardinal Rule Press’s favorite picture books all about native Hawaiians and their stories! #NativeHawaiianCulture #ChildrensBooks #PictureBooks #BooksToRead

Children’s Books about Native Hawaiian Culture

By Martina Rethman | December 15, 2021

Hawai’i is known for its gorgeous landscapes and unique culture. Yet too often, native Hawaiian’s stories are overlooked. With rich history, legends, and values, take a look at some of Cardinal Rule Press’s favorite picture books all about native Hawai …

National American Indian Heritage

Picture Books Celebrating National American Indian Heritage Month

By Martina Rethman | November 15, 2021

With representation from tribes from all across North America, Cardinal Rule Press is excited to share our top picks to read this National American Indian Heritage Month!  While most of our book recommendation lists only have five or six of our favorit …

Shine Bright this Holiday Season! The CRP Holiday Box satisfies both the child’s desire for play and interactivity, and your desire to broaden their mind. #HolidayBox #GiftIdea #ChildrensBooks #HolidaySeason

Shine Bright This Holiday Season!

By Maria Dismondy | November 12, 2021

Special Launch OfferFREE SHIPPING on every order! BUY NOW! As you enjoy the holiday season with your young loved ones, give them the chance to explore the holidays and cultures celebrated by their peers. Alongside the diverse heroes of Cardinal Rule Pr …

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