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How to Write Content that is Absolutely Bone Chilling. If you’re interested in writing spooky content or simply sharing it with your kids. #WritingSpookyContent #HowToWrite #Halloween #CreepyContent #HowToWriteContent

How to Write Content that is Absolutely Bone-Chilling

By Lauren Hackett | October 18, 2021

Nighttime is setting in faster, costume shops are bursting with life, and pumpkins with ghastly facial expressions line the porches. Halloween is upon us, and –– whether you participate in the spooky festivities or not –– there is little we can do to e …

Ideas for Virtual Book Tour Sep Pin

Ideas for Virtual Book Tour

By Lauren Hackett | September 21, 2021

You lean back into the comforting embrace of your desk chair and let out a triumphant sigh. Before you sits a tower of neatly stacked pages that, together, comprise the product of all of your time, tears and creative energy from the past year and a hal …

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