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Books That Make a Difference

Empowering children through timeless messages of hope, courage and The Golden Rule.

Books That Make a Difference

Empowering children through timeless messages of hope, courage and The Golden Rule.

Cardinal Rule Press produces high-quality children's literature

We are an independent publishing company that produces a select number of books each year. We work diligently to release children’s literature that represents today’s diversity while remaining dedicated to messages that make a difference.

For Families

Our books are available to order at local booksellers nationwide, along with online retailers. Each of our titles come with a free Reader’s Guide with activities and lessons you can use with the book, such as coloring sheets.

For Educators

Cardinal Rule Press is committed to providing books that empower, entertain & educate children. You will find a list ranging from timeless and modern topics like courage, empathy, diversity,  STEAM, LGBTQ and more.

For Booksellers

We are pleased to work with you as you bring books to childen and families worldwide. Sign up for our monthly newsletter or read our blog where we have our team creating content to help add value to the work you do.

Are you an author or illustrator?

We’d love for you to consider us for your next project. Our focus is on children’s picture books that empower children through meaningful stories for readers, age 4-11 and non-fiction books for parents and educators.

From The Blog

Children’s Books On Manners

Manners is one facet of social intelligence, which supports positive interpersonal and professional outcomes throughout life. While we’re never too old to improve upon our manners, it’s better for everyone involved to start early. Here are ten of our favorite books on manners. 1. Little Elephant...

Children’s Books About Kindness

Always telling your kids to “be kind,” but not sure how to help them understand what it means or how to put it into action? These ten books explore the concept of kindness with courage and warmth. 1. THE POTATO CHIP CHAMPBy Maria DismondyAmazon I  BookShopChamp excels at everything, and can’t...

Business Book Review-Time And How To Spend It

Each month, founder of Cardinal Rule Press, Maria Dismondy, will be reviewing business books she is currently reading. Along with a brief review, she is sharing some of her favorite quotes from the book. Time And How To Spend It Summary: We’ve learned how to spot the difference between junk foods...

Insider Scoop: What Your Followers Really Want To See On Social Media

“Work Smarter, Not Harder.” ~ Carl Banks Happy July, friends! We know you’re a bunch of marketing rockstars, so you’re already posting on social media each week. You’re working hard to engage your customers and patrons with great information every time you post, and have stepped up to the...

Children’s Books To Raise Problem-Solvers

Whether in the classroom, on the sports field, or at home, problem-solving helps kids thrive. These ten children’s books promote everyday problem-solving and resiliency, whether the issue be a missing toy or a struggling friendship. 1. STUCKBy Oliver JeffersAmazon I  BookShopA funny tale...

The Launch of Sunny Side Upbringing

It took a year to write and edit this book. Months working with photographer Sarah Luczak on multiple photoshoots for the book Sunny Side Upbringing. It was a labor of love. A parenting book that teaches positive character traits. A parenting book that is about REAL LIFE. A parenting book like no...

Books About Friendship

Understanding what a good friend is and how to be one is invaluable for children’s social wellbeing. These ten fun books demonstrate how to grow a caring, generous, and empathetic friendship. 1. STICK AND STONEBy Beth Ferry and Tom LichtenheldAmazon I  BookShopThe blossoming friendship...

Evie’s Field Day Book Release

Evies Field Day Book Release July In May 2020, we released a new book into the world by Claire Annette Noland and illustrated by Alicia Teba. The book is called Evie's Field Day: More Than One Way to Win. This was a very special book release because took place in the middle of a worldwide...

PRIDE Books for Families

Cardinal Rule Press is celebrating Pride month with a book line-up that promotes self-expression, diversity, and inclusion among young readers. Read on to explore our favorites, including the Cardinal Rule Press 2019 release DAZZLING TRAVIS. DAZZLING TRAVIS: A STORY ABOUT BEING CONFIDENT AND...

The Release of Cookie & Milk

In October 2019, Cardinal Rule Press released the book Cookie & Milk. The book was written by Michele McAvoy and illustrated by Jessica Gibson. Michele toured New Jersey in the fall of 2019 for the official launch of the book. Teachers and families worldwide have fallen in love with the witty...

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