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Different Age Groups: Understanding How to Connect with Them on Social Media. In a world where thousands of children’s books are published daily, connecting your book to the right audience may appear similar to finding your soulmate. #SocialMedia #Howtoconnect

Congratulations! You’ve finished your children’s book, and it’s now available for the world to see. 

There’s just one tiny challenge to consider. 

In a world where thousands of children’s books are published daily, connecting your book to the right audience may appear similar to finding your soulmate. It may seem impossible, but it can be done if you know which channels to use.

To put it simply, you and your book need to appear in front of readers, specifically the audience who will read your book. 

Social media is a great way to reach readers, but here is something you may not know. Each social media platform targets different age groups and interests. In order to be effective, you must first understand who your readers are. From there, you can choose your social network(s) and build content around what will allow potential buyers to get to know you. 

Remember, people connect with people.

Baby Boomers (Ages 57-74)

Facebook is a must since it has become the Boomers’ go-to source for staying connected with their friends and family. Set up a free business page (if you have not already), and invite your personal page’s friends to follow you. You can also ask your family and friends to help spread the word. 

YouTube is also a very strong resource, but you should only create a YouTube account if you plan to post videos or video blogs on a consistent basis.

Many Boomers still prefer to shop in-stores, so think about incorporating posts about any events or places they can meet you or find your book. If you have discounts to offer, this may also entice Boomers to try your book.

Generation X (Ages 41-56)

Generation X is unique in the sense that they remember life before the internet; yet, they were eager enough to adapt to the web when it became mainstream in the 1990’s. Unlike Boomers, they are more willing to try new brands or read books by new authors.

This group also turns to Facebook and YouTube as their top social channels, but they gravitate towards posts and videos that educate and inspire them. For example, how-to videos on ways to make reading time fun would be a great way to connect with this audience. Another way to build an authentic relationship is to post real stories about how your book helps readers.

If you’re looking for another way (outside of social media) to connect with this group, consider email. Generation X typically prefers this method of communication, and guess what? You can leverage Facebook to help collect email addresses. For example, you can give away books/prizes to randomly selected users who sign up for your email list on your website. You can then use Facebook to promote your contest. Just make sure to follow Facebook’s rules.

Millennials (Ages 25-40)

Millennials are also loyal to Facebook and YouTube, but they also love Instagram. This group depends upon online shopping and is very open to trying new products. One goal for this group is to find ways to simplify tasks with new products (this is why smart home devices are popular with Millennials). The best way to build a relationship with Millennials is to focus your posts around activities or lifestyles that will make their lives easier. For example, you can post about ways to keep toys or books organized. If you have children, you can post fun moments with them on Instagram to help Millennials get to know you.

Lastly, Millennials often turn to social media first for customer service. Essentially, this means that you should actively manage your direct messages/comments and respond as quickly as possible.

Generation Z (Ages 18-24)

Welcome to the generation who does not know a world without social media, let alone the internet. Because of this fact, Generation Z stays online constantly. They do not turn to Facebook (because their parents and grandparents use that platform), but they do use YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat heavily.

To target Generation Z, you should become comfortable with creating videos. Many Generation Z members use TikTok videos to find new products, and the more the videos look like they were shot from a phone, the better. Plus, you can make videos that are anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Create funny videos that are based upon trending topics (just to be part of the conversation), do short videos of you cooking with your kids, create funny dance videos with the family, or come up with something creative that will encourage Generation Z members to follow you. 

Snapchat videos are similar to TikTok, but they are 60 seconds max and disappear after 24 hours. In order to stay top-of-mind, you will need to post frequently. Remember to keep your videos short and simple to follow, and don’t forget to take advantage of filters. They can spice up your videos.

One More Thing

When you enter the marketing world, it’s important to be patient with yourself. Building social media followers takes time, but if you know your audience and communicate authentically with them about topics/themes they care about, you will set yourself up for long-term success.

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Grace Estle is a brand marketer, singer, sugar cookie decorator, and lifelong storyteller from two worlds: the Philippines and the U.S. She comes to life when she can spread joy through her art. Her picture book, “Chandler the Crocodile,” emerged from her struggle as the only Asian American in her elementary class. Through this writing process, Grace discovered her passion for helping children overcome adversity and soothed her own heart. Learn more about Grace and her book today at

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