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Graphic Design Intern: Catherine Noonan. This internship has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my time in college, and now I can proudly say that I have a whole new appreciation for children's picture books. #Internship #CatherineNoonan #GraphicDesign
Graphic Design Intern: Catherine Noonan

When I first started my internship with Cardinal Rule Press, it had been 16 years since I picked up and read a children’s picture book. Which makes you wonder, “Why did she apply for an internship with a children’s publishing company then?” Here’s the story. Before my interview, I researched CRP and was immediately amazed at what they represent. I had no idea that this was the new world of children’s books. I went on a deeper dive to see what else was out there, and I found diverse, beautiful, different, honest stories that make every child feel represented, ones I wish I had growing up. Then I had my interview with Maria Dismondy.

My first impression was this is a woman that I would aspire to be. She’s a go-getter, makes a difference, and honestly wants to help you along the way. I thought, well, this is too good to be true, and then it just kept getting better. Everyone I met at CRP was kind and treated me like a part of the team. The best part was is they had a mindset that school and your needs come first. They truly wanted you to succeed. I worked with the marketing department, which had its daily duties of scheduling, research, posting, engagement, and these new things called Story Walks. A lot of this was all new to me, but again there were people to help me even when I would incessantly ask them daily questions (Thank you, Mandy). This was only a summer internship so my time with them was short, but I made sure to make the most. At the end of my three months, I started getting those end-of-the-school-year vibes, and I just wasn’t quite ready to move on yet. I reached out to Maria and asked for an extension, but this time in the graphics department since that was the degree I was working towards at Oakland University. Again, I was shocked by their kind words and was surprised by how excited they were to bring me on. This new job was another learning process and more responsibilities, but I was all for the challenge. I was able to do so many new and different tasks.

Some projects included rebranding, creating landing pages, resizing files, making images for blogs, and learning about new platforms to develop with projects. Along with our daily tasks, interns were able to attend monthly meetings and even department presentations where we learned about the inner workings of each part of a publishing company. I had a lot of creative freedom and a chance to explore my design skills, which many people say they didn’t get to do at their internships. By the end, I had built a vast portfolio of pieces that showcased all the projects I worked on and saw my growth as a designer. Last Monday was my final day with Cardinal Rule Press. A summer internship that turned into a nine-month creative exploration opportunity. This internship has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my time in college, and now I can proudly say that I have a whole new appreciation for children’s picture books.

A special thank you to everyone at Cardinal Rule Press! Especially Mandy, Sujin, Liza, Maggie, and Maria! When I see a Cardinal, I’ll think of my time spent at CRP. 

If you are looking for internship this summer definitely consider CRP, you can email with resume and cover letter.

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