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Books About Believing In Yourself. One way to get your children to believe in themselves is through literature. Here's a list of five children’s books with positive messages that are destined to help your young ones adopt a newfound confidence in themselves and their abilities. @PictureBooks @ChilsdrensBooks #BelieveInYourself

When I was a kid, I viewed the world as my own, personal oyster. In my mind, the possibilities were endless. I could grow up to work in whatever field I wanted, excel at whatever sports I wanted, make whatever friends I wanted, and live anywhere I pleased. 

Of course, as I grew up, I had to get a little more realistic with my goal-setting. But that didn’t take away from the importance of the limitless beliefs I had in my younger years. If I hadn’t believed I could accomplish everything then, I wouldn’t have even tried at anything. 

Many parents would agree that they want their children to see the world as rich with hope and opportunity. No child should ever look at a highly successful person and think Wow, I could never accomplish what they did. This is a limiting belief that, at such a young age, will only hold a child back from giving something their best shot.  

One way to get your children to believe in themselves is through literature. There are plenty of children’s books out there whose themes revolve around overcoming adversity and believing in oneself to accomplish the seemingly impossible. These books are especially helpful when they feature protagonists from various walks of life and underrepresented groups. The stronger your child identifies with a character, the more they’ll believe that they, too can accomplish whatever that character is accomplishing! 

I’ve compiled a list of five children’s books with positive messages that are destined to help your young ones adopt a newfound confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

1. This Could Be You by Cindy Williams Schrauben 

“Will you be an astronaut? Farmer? An Artist? A Nurse? No matter where your dreams take you, your own unique flair will get you there. Keep pushing…it could be you!”

Written by Cindy Williams Schrauben and illustrated by Julia Seal, This Could Be You is the newest edition to Cardinal Rule Press’s prized collection of titles! Set to launch in Spring 2022, this book is brimming with messages on how to be bravely and unapologetically yourself. Vivid illustrations show children from various backgrounds pushing themselves to accomplish tasks of all kinds. They do this by swapping their negative fixed mindset thoughts with more constructive, growth mindset thoughts. Every page of this book is consistent with themes like perseverance and believing in oneself. Allow this book to rewrite your fixed mindset thoughts and help you view mistakes through a different lens! 

Find out more about this upcoming children’s book by visiting the Cardinal Rule Press website, here

2. Confidence is my Superpower by Alicia Ortego

“I am loved! I can choose! I am brave! I am amazing!” These are just some of the mindful affirmations that will help little Leo to overcome difficult situations.”

Alicia Ortega’s Confidence is my Superpower is ripe with playful poems and colorful illustrations designed to boost the reader’s confidence and help them cling tightly to their goals. It is perfect for children who struggle with self-esteem or have a tendency to give up on tasks when they grow discouraged. According to this book, failure is just another step on the path to success. 

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3. Imani’s Moon by JaNay Brown-Wood

Written by author and professor of early childhood studies, JaNay Brown-Wood, Imani’s Moon is the touching tale of a little girl whose dreams are as lofty as the sky above. Imani’s biggest dream –– which everyone makes fun of her for –– is to touch the moon. Though she is small, and though her peers think her dream is impossible, Imani’s radical self-confidence allows her to defy the odds. 

Inspire your children to touch their own moons by securing your copy of Imani’s Moon here

4. A Little SPOT of Confidence by Diane Alber 

Today is a new day! I will have a great start.

I will listen to the voice inside my heart.

I will let good thoughts inside my mind

and tell myself: I am brave, I am loving, I am kind.”

Written and illustrated by Diane Alber, A Little SPOT of Confidence uses illustrations of a tiny orange spot to help the reader visualize their sense of confidence and how it affects their emotions and behavior. It contains useful advice on how your child can grow their confidence, and why it is important to be confident. Other books in Alber’s series include A Little SPOT of Anxiety, A Little SPOT of Anger and A Little SPOT of Kindness. A prime goal of this series is to help children understand emotions that often seem big and scary. 

Introduce your child to their own little SPOT of confidence by purchasing your copy here

5. The Magic Is Inside You by Cathy Domoney

Written by Cathy Domoney and illustrated by Karen Davis, this charming picture book encourages children to take control of their inner dialogue and practice a can-do mindset to set themselves up for success. Join main character Madeleine as she shifts her negative thoughts to positive ones and builds up her sense of self-esteem. Along the way, readers can’t help but do the same! 

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For more warm and colorful books that promote positive mindsets among children, check out the Cardinal Rule Press website. 

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A senior in the University of Michigan-Flint’s Secondary English Teacher’s Certificate Program, Lauren is an aspiring writer and English educator. Along with interning at Cardinal Rule Press, Lauren has worked for UM-Flint’s Writing Center and student newspaper. She enjoys running, being outside, and (naturally) reading in her spare time.

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