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A Back To School Curated Book List Made Just for You! - Just in time for Back to School, we’ve got a very special CARDINAL RULE PRESS CURATED BOOK LIST of some of our very favorite books!
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Just in time for Back to School, we’ve got a very special CARDINAL RULE PRESS CURATED BOOK LIST of some of our very favorite books!  Check out our DIVERSE collection below and don’t forget to get your orders in this week for a great start to the SCHOOL YEAR!

School’s First Day of School by Adam Rex
This story is about the first day of school – but from the perspective of the school building! From the school’s First Day nerves, to the overwhelm that comes with all the kids and activities, the school reflects all the emotions a child might experience on the first day. From “too cool” kids to nervous, shy kids, and from messy lunches to lessons and art projects – the school realizes his building is luckiest of all after that big first day.

School People by Lee Bennett Hopkins
This anthology of fifteen poems celebrates the grown-up people that make a school run each day. Each poem reflects a person that children encounter throughout the course of their school day, from nurses, the custodian, the lunch lady, and of course, the teacher. What a fun way to expose kids to poetry, while reminding the child all the behind the scenes work done to make their school great!

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The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi
Having just moved from Korea, Unhei is anxious that American kids will like her. It doesn’t help when they struggle to pronounce her name on the bus. Introducing herself on the first day of school, she tells the class that she will choose a new name by the following week. When one of her classmates comes to her neighborhood and discovers her real name and its special meaning, Unhei learns to embrace and celebrate what makes her Korean background unique. A smart book for kids to learn to appreciate differences in a relatable setting

It’s Back to School We Go! First Day Stories from Around the World by Ellen Jackson
Children from eleven different countries experience their first day back at school. Each child’s first-person account is enhanced by a fact box on the page that tells us something about the culture from which the child speaks. This allows readers to compare and contrast their first days of school from other’s school experiences around the world.  The map in the book is a great reference for kids, as well! 

The Day You Begin by Jaqueline Woodson
This is a heartening book about finding the courage to connect when you feel no one else is quite like you. To be brave when you feel scared and alone, or different than everyone else. A wonderful lesson on being ready for whatever comes at you, even if you don’t know what that is yet. An inspirational tale for your readers to remember how important their voice and personal stories are to others!

Watch out for more curated book lists coming at you throughout the rest of 2020 and don’t forget to download our FREE BACK TO SCHOOL KIT and set yourself up with an amazing collection of diverse lessons for your students. Cheers to a successful start to school!

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