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Time And How To Spend It
The book comes up with some valid points on how we abuse time and ways we can use it more wisely. The author suggests using the following acronym when deciding whether or not to engage in something to determine if it is a good use of time. 
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Each month, founder of Cardinal Rule Press, Maria Dismondy, will be reviewing business books she is currently reading. Along with a brief review, she is sharing some of her favorite quotes from the book.

Time And How To Spend It


We’ve learned how to spot the difference between junk foods and superfoods. When you discover the equivalent rules for time, it’ll change how you live your life. Here, cultural commentator James Wallman investigates the persistent problem of wasted, unfulfilling time, and finds a powerful answer—a revolutionary approach to life based on the latest scientific discoveries. At its heart is the inspiring revelation that you can actively choose better experiences. Bursting with original stories, fresh takes on tales you thought you knew, and insights from psychology, economics, and culture, this book reveals a seven-point checklist that’ll help you avoid empty experiences, and fill your free hours with exciting and enriching ones instead. You’ll learn how to avoid WMDs (weapons of mass distraction), and discover the roads that lead to flow. You’ll get more out of every minute and every day; your weekends will fizz, and your holidays will be deeply nourishing. You’ll not only be living the good life, but building a truly great life.

Maria’s Review:

The book comes up with some valid points on how we abuse time and ways we can use it more wisely. The author suggests using the following acronym when deciding whether or not to engage in something to determine if it is a good use of time: STORIES. Each letter stands for the following: Story, Transformation, Outside and Offline, Relationships, Intensity, Extraordinary, Status and Significance. I think there are too many in the acronym to be able to remember off hand which defeats the purpose of an acronym.

Top 10 Favorite Quotes:

  1. On stories:

“Have you ever been around the wheel of the hero’s journey before, where you faced down the supreme ordeal – an inner demon or external monster – and returned to the old world with some sort of exilir, an answer, new knowledge, new confidence, and belief in yourself?

2. “A hero’s journey can be a literal journey. But there should be an element of challenge. Have a target destination that’ll stretch you.”

3. On transformation:

“And anyway, what would you change? Where are your compromised right now? Are you on autopilot, going with the flow of what you’ve always done or was expected of you? Are you still playing a sport or following a hobby you’ve fallen out of love with? Are you hanging out with friends who, truth be told, you’ve had enough of? Are you trudging down a path that, if not boring you to death is not making you fully alive?”

4. Being outside:

“We are happier in nature. Because are species has spent 99 per cent of its existence in nature, we are handwired to find the sights, sounds and smells of nature relaxing and pleasant. This is called biophilia.”

5. On relationships:

“We should choose and design experiences that are more likely to bring us closer to others, even if that does sometimes mean compromising on other aspects.”

6. On intensity:

“We often think we’ll be happier when we’ve got our work done and put our feet up, taking it easy. But that’s wrong.

Humans are happier when we’re fully engaged, taking on an intensely difficult challenge that focuses all of our energy.”

7. On being extraordinary:

“An experience can look and feel very different to us as we live through it, and when we remember it. This is called the difference between the ‘experiencing self’ and the ‘remembering self’.”

8. On status and significance:

“There’s no need to feel embarassed and awkward if we reposition the idea in our minds: rather than waste our time on egotistical status seeking, we should spend our time on an egoistic and altruistic search for significance.”

9. “Will this lead to STORIES?

—> Will it give me to story to tell others or that tells me who I am?

—> Will it be outside and offline?

—> Will it be intense and launch me into the zone of flow?

—> Will it raise my status connect me to others and help me be significant?

—> Will it help me develop, grow, transform?

—> Will it bring me closer to others and enhance my relationships?

—> Will it be new, awesome and extraordinary in some way?”

10. “As more of us agree that learning how to spend our leisure time is vital for making the most of our exciting, complicated twenty-first-century lives, and as more us make it a habit to use the seven science-backed rules of the STORIES checklist, we’ll feel more alive, and help everyone in society enjoy richer, happier days.”

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