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Marketing for Increasing Exposure Tip #19: Clean Up Time! The Art of Tidying Up Your Email List -

In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of having an email service that stores (and backs up) all of your contacts. This list is critical in communicating on a regular basis with your target audience. Sending out newsletters with valuable information and sometimes, pitching your books and services too!

However, as you may know, the more emails you add to these services, chances are you move out of the “free” service and into adding a monthly to your business budget.

What I suggest, is cleaning up your list every once in a while. Each email provider works a little differently. Finding a brief tutorial on YouTube is a good start to learning how. Or search tutorials on the email provider site.
This is how it works, you can take your list and segment out a certain group of people who have not opened the last email you sent or the last five. Because here’s the thing, in order to have an engaged list of people who are reading your content and actually care about your product, they need to be opening your emails. For those who are not, we remove them from our list. This helps keep our list more active.

Here is some more information on cleaning up your email list

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